Classified will make your wedding reception the best it can be and will leave your guests with memories of what a great time it was for years to come! Classified works with the bride and groom from the inception of the entire event to make sure all expectations are met, including performances of those “special” dances.

Classified is the best wedding band available today. We will gladly furnish you with references upon request.


What is a suggested or typical format for a 4-hour reception?

For the first hour, Classified performs light background music as guests arrive. Towards the end of this hour, the guests are seated and the bridal party is instructed to go back out to the entrance to be lined up for introductions. When the bridal party is ready, Classified performs introduction music, culminating with everyone standing for the bride and groom’s grand entrance.

Then, as all eyes and ears are on the bride and groom, Classified performs the bridal dance with the bridal party joining in, if so desired by the bride & groom. After the bridal dance, there are usually toasts and then blessing into dinner.

The second hour is for dinner. Classified breaks for this dinner hour to eat with the other wedding guests. A low-key, background dinner music CD is played through the sound system for ambience.

The final two-hour set after dinner can start with cutting the cake leading into the other remaining special dances. Once those are all checked off, it’s high-energy entertainment for the rest of the event. Of course, every wedding is special and this format is flexible. Classified also acts as the emcee for the entire event.

What are the important song selections?

Of course the bridal dance is the most important selection of the event. Secondly is the special dance for the bride and her father and then the special dance for the groom and his mother. A current songlist is available that has many selections to choose from. If a particular song for a special dance isn’t on the list, Classified can learn just about anything requested if notified in advance.

What about musicians for the wedding ceremony or other parts of the wedding day?

Individual Classified musicians are available to perform for the actual wedding ceremony or even a cocktail hour that may be held in a different location from where the full reception is held.

What does the band wear for the reception?

Classified wears formal attire for the reception unless otherwise instructed.

How soon should Classified be booked?

Classified should be booked as soon as a location for the reception has been selected. Classified already has weddings and other special events booked or on hold for the upcoming year. It’s never too early! Contact us today to discuss how we can help you celebrate your special day.

How do we book Classified?

A signed contract and deposit makes the date official. It’s that simple! Please view our contract below.

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